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About Elle Bee Lovely

Welcome to Elle Bee Lovely! I’m glad you’re here.

Years ago, when Elle Bee Lovely was still in the “daydream” stages, I thought it would be a wedding blog. It seemed like a natural progression for me at that moment in time, as I was leaving my career in the wedding/invitation/stationery business, preparing for the arrival of my second child and taking a giant leap of faith by becoming a full time, stay-at-home-mom. However, almost from the moment that I began working on EBL, I knew that my heart just wasn’t in it. I couldn’t make myself sit and write about weddings. I found myself writing, instead, about my children, about how it truly felt to be a mother, about the wonderful magical moments and the really hard, dark days. I found myself writing about my faith, about prayer, about ministry. And so, EBL evolved into a lifestyle blog of sorts – a place where I can come and share my heart with you … and hopefully, share a bit of yours.

EBL is about HOME – about striving to create the home (and the heart) that you envision for yourself and your family – not the “picture-perfect-magazine-spread” vision – but the REAL vision. It’s about embarking on a journey to create a calm, God-centered, refuge for you and your family in this crazy world. And, it’s even about creating an organized order and beauty to all the chaos.

EBL is about GRACE. At its heart, EBL is a space where we, as women and mothers, can grow together. Learn together. A safe place where we can give each other the grace we all need. A place where we can attempt to let go of our perfectionist tendencies (they are disheartening after all, aren’t they?!) and embrace the possibility of being our best selves, while encouraging our husbands, children and friends to also be their best selves.

EBL is about FAITH. Faith for those who long to lean in to God and break free from that inner voice holding them back. Faith to trust. Faith to believe. Faith to dream. And, faith to pray circles around everything. Everything. EBL is about prayer. Send me your prayer request. I’d be happy to pray for you. In fact, I already have.

EBL is about STYLE. Your style. Your own personal style. The style that feels like you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy. It’s an expression of yourself. EBL is about making your life easier by sharing simple, casual, everyday looks that are relatable and inspirational. My hope is that EBL will be a source of encouragement. A place where you can stop by and leave feeling the confidence you need to create a wardrobe of clothes that you love and want to wear; a wardrobe that inspires you and helps you feel good about yourself, who you are + a comfortable confidence and acceptance of your style, your body and, yes, even your closet.

EBL is for YOU. It’s for my own mother, who has always said that she would love to rewind and go back to when my brother and I were little and still at home with her. EBL is for my mother-in-law who says, “Don’t worry about the smudgy handprints on your coffee table …. they’ll be gone soon and you’ll miss them.” EBL is for the new momma and the momma with littles who are just trying to figure it out … and find peace and happiness amidst the natural disorder that will always exist. It’s for the momma that finds herself smack in the middle of the school years, the busy shuffling between all the sports and activities … the momma that wonders if she’s doing too much or too little. It’s for the momma navigating the tricky teenage years. And, the momma who looks at her grown children and wonders how it all truly did go by in a blink. It’s for the woman who wonders how and when her body changed so much. Who wants to wear the confidence she once did. Who wants to find her own style and embark each day with a hopeful, contagious optimism. Who wants to boldly declare that she is who she’s always been. Only better.

My hope is that EBL will be an inspiration to you. There may be no greater joy, no greater calling, than motherhood. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need a little encouragement. It doesn’t mean we need to do it alone!