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There are days when we dance. We dance in the kitchen at 3 in the afternoon after having a snack or feeding A. We leave our mess on the counter, scattered around the room. And, we dance.

Some days, we are still in our pajamas simply because we haven’t gotten around to getting dressed yet. I could feel bad about this right? It would be so easy to allow myself to feel bad about it. Sure, I would have liked to have gotten dressed – maybe even showered – but why focus on that? Why not just dance!? Dance in the kitchen with my babies!

Some days, we dance with in A’s room after getting her dressed or changed. N turns on the radio. It doesn’t matter what song comes on. We dance. We laugh! A giggles and giggles. She loves to watch her brother dance silly!

Some days we dance after dinner. Right in the kitchen. Slowly making our way into the living room and up the stairs to get the little ones bathed and ready for bed. A bounces in Daddy’s arms, while N and I spin each other round and round. We huddle together for a “family hug” and dance in an awkward pile. We laugh. We dance.

Some days, R and I dance quietly, slowly, just for a minute … right it the midst of the chaos. I lean into to him and let him hold me. We ignore the crying and the noise, and we pretend we are somewhere else. We take a moment just for us. And we dance.

There is so much happiness to be found. Most days I choose to look away from the bad, the hurt, the negative in this world and look toward the happy instead. My babies like to dance. It’s beautiful, fun and so very simple. It’s something they’ll remember when they are grown. They’ll remember dancing. They’ll remember laughing. They’ll remember that Mommy let the dishes go and danced with them. And, you know what? I’ll remember too. When I look back on this lovely time in my life, I won’t think about dishes or days when I didn’t get out of my pjs. I’ll think about the laughter. I’ll think about the dancing.

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