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The Rhythm of the Sea ~ {Snorkeling with Noah}

I’m floating in the deepest water

As peaceful as the sea

I want to take this moment

And carry it with me

The spark in your eye

Lights my heart with fire

You are an energy

A force

A light

I am pulled toward you

All of your colors

Surround me

There is a quiet beneath the waves

As the world slips away

Your hand motions softly

To the life all around

We swim with the sea turtles

We dance with the stars

Orchestras play

The melody of the ocean

The rhythm of the dance

It wraps around our souls

This moment together

This time put on pause

I fold it up as a memory 

Tidy as a note

Slip it in a heart pocket

Mine now


The rhythm of the ocean

The memory of a heart

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