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Easter Decor + Home Accessories

I must confess, Spring is not my home’s best season. That’s an odd thing to say, I realize, but it’s true. My soul (and I suppose therefore my home’s soul) just resonates more with the moodier, earthier tones of fall. When it’s time to soften my home up and add in cooler tones … I always feel momentarily at a loss. The truth is, I don’t really do all that much to Spring-ify … but I’d like to do more this year. 

I’m not a total Spring Scrooge. I do enjoy the warmer (slightly warmer, no need for anything above 80 😉) temps and sunnier skies. I enjoy seeing the trees and flowers begin to bloom. I enjoy the longer days and hearing the birds sing in the morning. I enjoy more time outdoors.

It’s just … I know I’m the minority here, but I just can’t help but think … if my home were a season, it probably wouldn’t be spring …

Nevertheless, it’s time to throw open the windows and let some fresh air in … okay, okay, not right now if you live in NC because then your entire home will be covered in pollen. It’s time to shed a few layers and release some of that winter-heaviness. It’s time to lighten our loads – literally, it’s time for a good house purge. Time to spring clean. Time to ready our homes and our spirits for a new season. 

And it starts with Easter … 

Today’s Round-Up is all about Easter, so yes, it’s a bit heavy on the bunnies … but bunnies are cute so 🤷🏻‍♀️…

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Happy Spring-ifying! And, soon enough, Happy Easter!

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