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Spring Rituals + A Decor Refresh

Ohh, Spring. Spring is FINALLY in the air! Doesn’t it feel like your soul awakens a little (or a lot) after a long winter? There is a place for every season and (at least for me) there are things to like and enjoy about each season. But, Spring feels especially sweet. I want to throw the windows open and welcome the birds in like a scene straight from a Disney princess movie. 🤣 😂 In reality, I would never. I COULD never. Because. POLLEN. Around here (NC), the downside of Spring is “the pollinating”. IYKYK. We have to hold our breath and make it through “the pollinating” season before we can truly enjoy Spring. But, let’s just ignore that little fact and talk about the good things. Sunshine! Flowers! The smell of fresh cut grass. My allergies straight up go nuts (oh wait, that’s another negative), but I still can’t help feeling lighter and happier. Forget January 1. Spring brings the kind of NEW I’m ready for. 

There are some rituals that come with the ushering in of each Spring and, honestly, I look forward to them every year. Planting flowers. Cleaning out closets. Purchasing swimsuits. Hosing down the screened-in porch. There’s something to be said about these types of yearly rituals. They allow our souls to reset … to transition properly. Like buying fresh school supplies in the fall. It creates a mood. It sets an intention. 

What are some of your favorite ways to transition your home AND your soul into the Spring season?

Part of welcoming a new season involves a certain freshening up of your home. If you are looking to add new, I have a few ideas for you … a few things that have caught my eye recently. As always, be sure to shop your own home. This is one of the easiest (and most cost effective) ways to make your home feel fresh. Rotate pillows. Rearrange furniture. Bring an unused lamp to your covered porch. Switch out your stems. 

links: brass frame, serving platter, faux babies breath, blue rimmed glass, wreath, wicker lamp, floral pillow, bird house, tablecloth, box-pleat sofa, outdoor glass, scallop border napkins, melamine bowls, marble vase, framed wall canvas, knit throw blanket

A few other simple and inexpensive additions to consider are spring scented candles, hand soaps, fresh flowers and/or a bowl of seasonal fruit. Done with a spirit of ritual, even the smallest changes can make an impact on your home and the people that live there.

Now, go enjoy your Spring!

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