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My journey won’t start here.
My journey  won’t end here.
But, a journey will happen here.

This is my journey … I’ve set out to create a life full of love and all things lovely.
I want a calm environment for my family. A home where we can work together, where we have a purpose, where we strive for common good.
I’m not exactly sure what all of this means, but I’ve set out to find out anyways.
Once I learned we were expecting our second child, we decided that I would become a stay-at-home mom. And so my journey to create the kind of home we wanted began. Elle Bee Lovely was born. At first, I intended for it to be a wedding blog. Then I thought maybe it would just be a blog about all things lovely –from weddings, to babies, to decorating, to anything in between. But, as I started, I realized that wasn’t where my heart was. My heart was with my little ones and the lovely things they were teaching me every single day. The ideas for my blog evolved to become something different. Something more. Something sprinkled with a spirituality. Something about parenting. Something about love. Something about our little ones. Something about our homes and the homes we are striving to create every single day. Join me as we march forward to create our own little refuge from the world. A place where we feel safe. A place where families feel loved and secure. A place where we can talk about the things that matter to us – whether it be reading, writing, crafting, decorating or just the way it feels to be a mother. To me it’s all about finding the lovely in all of the little things.

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