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I wrote this poem almost a year ago. R and I had just received some interesting (not-so-good) news and I was feeling scared. We’d been discussing making some big changes (a leap of faith, if you will) to our lives and careers and it wasn’t the right time for bad news. My release is to write. I’m a writer. It’s what I do. When I’m stressed or worried or sad, I cry – then, I write. This one seemed like a good one to share today. I don’t know why really. It’s just that we ALL have days of sun, and days of RAIN…

Days of Rain

There are days when the rain comes down hard,

When the sky is dark, and the world is darker,

Despair seems too close to home,

And, faith too far away.

Yet, behind the dark there is always light,

A choice unclear,

A choice still there,

While answers wait, happiness is still ours to make,

Reflect in quiet moments,

Hold on to your joy,

Embrace all the love that you know to be true,

Let it guide you through and through,

On the other side you’ll find a way, to look back and know …

                                                          why you made it through today.


  • Tim Smith says:

    I could tell you wrote this with an optomistic heart as opposed to taking the road to “gloom” which is where bad news could easily take us. You are so right; it is going to “rain” on all of us and sometimes it seems to “pour” for a while. Everyone has to find their own way through it. You write. I read my Bible and pray. The next guy may run 10 miles. It WILL continue to rain. What you write will comfort many and God bless you for that.

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