Time marches on. My itty-bitty is six months old today. It’s incredible really … how fast it goes. I wonder if she knows; if she’ll ever really know how completely and quickly she captured my heart. With her it was easy. She came out of fighter, screaming loudly, ready to take on the world. But, as soon as they placed her on my chest, she quieted. She curled into me, knowing … I was her mother. Peace came to us both. We held each other and our hearts became one instantly. She was a joy. Our hospital stay felt like a vacation. R and I took turns holding her, loving her, sitting quietly together, enjoying it. The anxiety that came with our first born was gone. This time we were ready. She was so sleepy and tiny … and sleepy. It was comfortable and familiar somehow. When N arrived I had no idea what I was doing. He never wanted to be a baby anyways. He was ready to see the world from the moment he arrived. He looked at me with those big, beautiful, soulful eyes of his and he couldn’t have spoken any louder if he had actual words. He looked at me and I swear it was just like he said , “Hi Mommy. I’ve been waiting to meet you.” Sure, my first moments with him were magical too. He was my first.  But, he never wanted to sleep. Never wanted to miss anything. It was just the way it was …
My experience with each of them was unique. The way I fell in love with them – different. But, the love I have for them … immeasurable. Motherhood is never easy. No one will ever tell you that it’s easy. But loving them. Now that has been so delightfully easy.
Six months later, A is still a happy baby, full of smiles and coos and determination. She has a fire inside. I can’t wait to see who she becomes. In the meantime I’m going to cherish every single, tiny, moment of her baby-ness. She is my itty-bitty one after all.


  • birdandbeau says:

    Aw! Oh my goodness, this almost made me cry! Teared up, for sure. How precious… you and your sweet little babies 🙂

  • Tim Smith says:

    Well I am living vicariously through your eyes with this and it is very moving to me. You have a wonderful, poetic heart that brings to life your thoughts and feelings.

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