As a species we are built to need each other. We need interaction with other humans. We actually need it for our mental/emotional, and probably even physical, health. As much as my husband and I rely on each other; as much as I tell myself that it’s okay (that I’M okay) when I go 3 days without speaking to another adult; the truth is – we need friends in our lives. R needs time with the guys. He does. And, I need time with my girls. I just do. There are just times when it’s important to take a breather. To reconnect with who I am and stop focusing on what I do. To step back. To take a time out. I’m not sure there’s a better way to refresh your spirit than with a weekend with your very best girlfriends.

There are a handful of girls in this world that are my best. They’ve seen me through it all. We started out in the good ‘ole days – the fun, carefree, crazy days when life was really, simply meant for livin-it-up. We were only interested in each other back then. Well, each other and clothes and dancing and what we were doing that night and where we were going for Spring Break and Greek Week … and sometimes boys, but really, not all time. We could, and would, spend days-upon-days and hours-upon-hours together, without needing a break or growing tired of each other. In college, we’d meet around the table for lunch after class each day, then we’d meet there again late night. We’d swap stories and stromboli and fill in the blanks for each other. It was hands down the most fun I’ve ever had.

photo 1Time marched on and, at this point in our thirties, we’ve all had our share of more-serious-soul-searching-filled-days. But those girls, they’ve remained. They laughed with me through the good relationships, and the bad. Sent cards when my health wavered. Stood beside me on my wedding day. And, celebrated the arrival of both of my children. A group text with them can brighten a whole day. An afternoon, just a single afternoon with them, can fill me back up when I’m at my most empty. A whole weekend with them. Well, ya’all, a whole weekend with my very bests can get me through the whole next year. I’m not even kidding! We aren’t inseparable anymore. We no longer share bedrooms, nights out and Taco Bell. Years have passed and things have changed. Many miles separate most of us. Our nights have evolved from crazy to calm, and though some of our bachelorette parties have gone down in infamy, these days we’d much rather curl up with extra-large glasses of wine and talk our way into the night. Who needs (or wants) to go out anyways?! 😉  But, somehow, as much as things change, they also stay the same. As much as I’m not the same girl I was back then, I’m also still exactly the same. No matter how many years pass, how often we see each other, or how our families change and grow, when we find ourselves together, it’s as if no time has passed at all. To us, we are still those same girls. We’re just MORE. That feeling that we get when we are all together – I almost don’t know how to describe it. It’s like going home. It’s refreshing and freeing. It’s a blast of cool, fresh air after too much time in the heat. I know it’s cliche, but we simply don’t miss a beat. It feels the same. They still love me just the same. These girls have held my hand and walked through this life with me. I love the memories that I have with them. I cherish my friendships with each of them. I am so grateful for that. In this season of my life, when I’m focused on being a mother and a wife, when time is so limited, I hope they each know that they have my heart. They are my true 2

1012119_10201560666643312_1893534321_n 396503_4773032008511_348280398_n 10401116_1052088147240_8001_n(Photos from 2014, 2013, 2012 – the last 3 years of girls-weekend-trips – AND one good ole’ pic from my wedding day in 2007!!)

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