Yes, I’ve been a bit MIA. No, I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been brainstorming and list making. I haven’t even been dreaming and scheming (well, maybe just a little). I’ve just been …away. The littles and I have spent the past 2 weeks (yes, two) at my parent’s (Gram and Pops) house in WV. It’s been really, REALLY lovely. Sometimes it’s good to just let it all go for a while. To breathe deeper. To accept some help. To spend time with your family. To get back to your roots. To just … be.
I pondered some things…

– I didn’t appreciate this view (photo taken on my parent’s deck) enough when I lived here. It’s really very lovely … especially first thing in the morning. Especially when the fog is still clinging to the air. Sweet baby A and I greeted several mornings with this beautiful sight.
– It truly does feel good to purge. There is something undeniably freeing about cleaning out, filling up trash bags and making space.
– It also feels good to find tokens from childhood that have long been forgotten.
– I think I might love being in my thirties.
– “Back where I come from” the people really are genuine. My home-state gets a bad rap, for a lot of different reasons, but the people are NICE. We encountered several super-friendly strangers who went out of their way to be kind and helpful to N, A or I. It was beyond refreshing.
– My children are in a good stage. Can we stay in this stage for a while? It’s a delight!
– I’m in a good stage too. I feel peace. I feel calm. I feel content. I feel a huge surge of happy. (I’m trying not to let that scare me.)
– I think the Lord has some awesome things in store for my family. I feel energized. I feel inspired. I feel hopeful.
– My husband is Uh-Mazingly talented, y’all. I always knew, I just didn’t KNOW. Just you wait! You are going be hearing more about R and the sweet projects he’s been working on soon. Stay tuned.
– It feels wonderful to be home (in the house I spent a good chunk of my life in) for so long.
– We (the littles and I) are beyond ready to see Daddy! We are headed back to good ‘ole NC tomorrow! (Prayers for safe travels.)
– In this quest to write from the heart; to be true to myself; to allow myself to be raw and honest with you; to be vulnerable and open — sometimes it means NOT writing. Sometimes I might step back and not write for a bit. I’m allowing myself that. With no apologies. With no worries about what it means for me, Elle Bee Lovely or you. Sometimes I might just not write. But, don’t you worry…I’ll always be back. With words and thoughts and dreams and feelings…the ones I feel AND the ones you feel too …


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