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A few months ago I set out on a quest to free myself of all of those unnecessary “Sorries”, with an article called Letting Go: No More Sorries. I quickly realized two things. ONE: I’m not alone. So many of you related! I was a little surprised. Why do we do this to ourselves? WHY do we feel the need to apologize when there is nothing to apologize for?!? And, TWO: Old habits might die hard, but they still die!

How is your journey of “No More Sorries” going? I’ve been determined. I’ve done well. I’ve got some more work to do, of course, and from time to time I catch myself slipping back into the habit of using an apology in place of a comma, but for the most part … this is working, y’all! I catch myself right before (or sometimes right after) I apologize. I stop. I think. Am I sorry? No! Then, gasp, I don’t say it! It’s been transforming, freeing and just plain good for me.

Then. I saw this lovely Pantene commercial and it played right into what I’ve been thinking and saying. They chose to focus only on women, and it got some negative feedback, which I guess I get. It’s true that anyone can be an over-apologizer … it’s not necessarily a “women’s” issue. I do get that. But, I watched it. I didn’t over-think it. I didn’t over-analyze it. I just watched it. And, I just happen to think it’s lovely. Check it out…

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.05.11 PM

What do y’all think? Do you like it? I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you are doing on the road to “No More Sorries!”


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