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Noah’s 10th Birthday Letter

My dear boy,

10 years ago today, we became parents.

Your birthday rolls in each year, closing out summer … feeling like a sigh of relief. It was the perfect fit for you somehow – a September birthday. After a long, hot, very pregnant summer, you were born (7 days late)… like a breath of fresh air, bringing fall and cooler temps with you. And, you’re like that still – like a September – calmer, cooler, orderly, logical. My baby, you feel like coming home again. I’m so glad God chose me to be your momma. I thank him daily for your life. For who you are. For your heart. I see the best of us in you. I’ll never know how we got lucky enough be your parents. What a blessing you are!

I can’t believe you are 10. I turned 40 last week and, honestly, that felt okay, but you turning 10 is rocking my world. But, then again, I guess I feel this way every time your birthday rolls around. Birthdays and the start of a new school year. Those things get me. But, seriously, Double Digits?!

You are changing, my boy. You already seem older to me. I’m not sure what to do with that. Missing your littleness makes my heart ache. I will always and forever miss my little Noah. My sweetest, most loving, bestest buddy in all of life. I don’t think there will ever be a time when I don’t long for that version of you. But … as time goes … I realize the great blessing that comes along with it. I get to know new versions of you and I haven’t met one that I don’t like. You evolve and grow. My love for you evolves and grows alongside of you. I love you more each and every day. Truly. At 10, you make a pretty awesome friend. I love our talks and our laughs. I would never change the way our friendship and love has grown. I pray that this will always continue … that our relationship and love will just continue to evolve, stretch and grow. I could do without all the burping though (wink, wink.)

This year (2020) has been the strangest, hardest year, but you … you kept me grounded. You anchored us when we all started drifting in different directions. You kept us dreaming and planning and talking. You have the grandest ideas and plans! Life with you is full of adventure. You’ve been a rock for our family when we needed you. You are the good glue. Nine was a good year for you and I know that ten will be too!

A snapshot of you at 10:

At 10, you are still busy. You’ve always been a busy little boy. Full of ideas. Full of plans. Full of life. I’m not sure your brain ever takes a break.

At 10, we take walks together and you chatter away about whatever is on your mind that day – mostly Jeeps, trucks or cars; ideas for in-ground swimming pools; animals that you’d like to have – bearded dragons, leopard geckos, hamsters and a variety of different dog breeds; plans for your future.

At 10, your 4th grade boy humor is full blown – weird noises, farts, poop – it’s all funny to you. Watching you with your friends is like watching a strange social experiment. 10 year-old boys are odd birds.

At 10, you are confident. Comfortable with school. Comfortable with your friends. Sure of your future. Sure that you’ll be whatever you want to be. Which, by the way is a professional hockey player/engineer/marine biologist. I love this. This is just how you should be at 10. Dream big. Don’t ever stop.

At 10, you are smart and creative. You love learning. You love building. You research whatever you are interested in that day in careful detail. You are relentless about what you want. You are passionate! Sometimes, your persistence makes me tired. Often, your persistence makes me tired. Lol. Like the day you printed off 25+ sheets that said, “I want a bearded dragon!!” and hid them all around the house for me to find. You don’t give up. But, this quality will take you far in life, and I’m thrilled with the passionate person that you are. Will it get you a bearded dragon though? TBD.

At 10, your faith is big and easy. You love God and you trust in that. The world hasn’t complicated it for you yet. I pray you stay close to God all of your days. I can see you being a great leader one day soon! I truly can. Maybe you’ll lead your own church one day. Or, maybe you’ll simply lead your own family or your own team. No matter – I trust God’s plan for your life!

At 10, you love effortlessly. You love us and you love your family and friends. We all love you back.

At 10, hockey is your sport. You love roller-hockey, but are starting to get curious about ice. I love watching you play! I loved watching you play basketball last winter too. You still love swimming too. I think you could succeed in any sport you wanted – but of course, I’m a bit biased. I think you hung the moon!

Happy 10th Birthday! I love you so incredibly much!

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you’ll ever know.” – A.A. Milne

Love, Mommy

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