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Noah’s poem – “The Glow”

Homemade gifts from our babies are cherished gifts, aren’t they? 

I tuck the special ones away. Save them for a rainy day. I tend to lean toward sentimental (okay, who am I kidding, I can be totally sentimental!) but honestly, I’m not afraid to toss out artwork either … because clutter = stress. But, sometimes a keeper comes home. Sometimes your heart feels it. Their little hands. Their sweet, precious, thoughtful, funny words. The moments they let you know that they actually DO see you. Their momma.

This Mother’s Day, Noah wrote me a poem. He brought it home from school on a frame – a photo of himself on one side and his poem on the other. His teacher (seriously, bless the teachers!) did an amazing job with his class. It was the sweetest. 

Truly though, my first reaction was, “Noah, I love this poem! Who wrote it?” I mean. Whoops. He wrote it. And, I hadn’t expected it … didn’t know. It’s good. It’s really good. Made me cry. Surprised me. Stole my heart.

And, he told me, yes, it’s okay if I share it with you… So here you go … “The Glow” by Noah.

“The Glow”

As the light glows 

You do to

As the light glows

You do to

The light glows bright 

You glow warm and welcoming

The light glows hard and solid

You glow soft and flickering

The light does not invite you in

But your warm glow says come in, come in

The light does not care where you are 

But you do care, you do care

The hard light does not care

Not about where you are, not about who you are

But your glow wants to be with you

Your glow wants to protect you

And to the hard light there is no love

But to your glow it says I will take care of you

To the hard light no one says a thing

But to your light they say I love you

Y’all. Thanks for letting me share his sweet words with you!

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