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Design Spotlight ~ Scalloped Edges

As a Design Consultant, and longtime interior design enthusiast … I love forecasting design trends. I love attempting to predict what’s juuuust about to hit. I seem to have a little bit of a knack for it. That’s probably just because I really enjoy paying careful attention to what’s going on in the design world ;). Whatever the reason ~ it’s just fun for me!

One trend that I’ve been watching for a while now is scalloped edges. Scalloped edges are just about everywhere but not quite all over the local retail stores in an overdone way yet. 

Which makes this a sweet spot for the scalloped edge.

While using scalloped edges and trim in interiors is centuries old, it’s been reinvented in recent years and has a much more modern aesthetic. It can be added to just about anything – upholstery for sure … lamp shades, curtains, mirrors, millwork, furniture, mantles, sconces, rugs. Anything. You name it. Plus, it comes with an extra dose of whimsical charm that can be somewhat elusive. 

When it comes to using scalloped edges in the freshest possible way … I think the Oregon based design firm, Light and Dwell nail it every single time.  They like to say that their “entire design ethos is a nod to old-age European culture and their aesthetic is highly influenced by that same elevated ease and warm refinement.” Light and Dwell is a favorite follow of mine and I wanted to spotlight them today … because they love to use a scalloped edge … but rarely in a predictable way. 

Here are a few fun images straight from @lightanddwell showcasing their unique take on the modern scalloped edge …

{Credit: Each of the above images is directly from @lightanddwell}

So fun, right? I love their subtle use of the scallop to add more intrigue to the rooms they design. And, can we just pause for a moment and take another look at that fireplace?! Dreamy.

But, that’s not all, folks … Pinterest is bringing a healthy dose of that scalloped edge inspiration to my feed lately! Some “pinspiration” if you will…

{The above images are all directly from Pinterest. Sources vary and were not all available, but include: McMullin & Co,, Bunny Williams Home, Workbook, Heidi Caillier, This is Glamorous; }

Feeling inspired yet?! Need more?! Me too! Here’s a shopping board to get us thinking about how we can add a scallop (or two) to our own homes. Plus, a moment of silence for that scalloped marble sink basin … swoon.

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