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Creating a Cozy + Warm Wintery Home

Winter. While some may find it cold, dark and dreary … I tend to find it cold, dark and cozy. An unpopular opinion? Maybe. But, I said what I said. I like a little winter. In North Carolina (in our part of NC anyways), the winters are mild and short, which is probably why I’m able to embrace it and tend to find it comforting rather than depressing. After the hustle of the holidays, I welcome the slowness that follows.

Our homes, however, can feel a little lackluster and empty once all the festive decor is put away. We can look around and feel the need to add. I’d like to encourage you to reject that urge and take a pause instead. Allow that feeling of sparseness to be … at least for a little while. Sometimes this pause (even if just for a day) allows us to reconnect with our homes, to absorb how we want to feel in our spaces, to notice what (if anything) is missing … and then to selectively add items back in.

When decorating for winter, embrace the season. Less is more. Winter is a little barren. Lean in to the season that is and take your cues from nature.

A few main things to focus on for a warm, cozy winter home …

  1. Soft Lighting – Keep it warm and low. Candles and a dim lamp are all you need. A fire in your fireplace is an added bonus.
  2. Sparkle – Now is the time to break out your grandmother’s silver. A little silver and/or mercury glass decor will add just the right amount of wintery sparkle.
  3. Stems/Branches – I think it’s okay to keep a few of your Christmas pine and/or magnolia stems out through the winter or switch them out with some other simple branches. A simple bowl with pinecones is another easy addition
  4. Florals – I love white floral during the winter. A small, compact bouquet can make a big impact.
  5. Texture – Cozy textures like faux fur blankets and pillows really allow you to lean in to rest and relaxation. I love a moody velvet too.
  6. Pattern – Plaid, tweed, houndstooth or a dark floral can bring pattern and layers into your space while adding a richness to winter.

Now, let’s visualize how all of these things might look together with a little Pinspiration

{Photo Credit: All images are directly from Pinterest, but I’ve linked as many direct sources as I could find – Domino, Nadine Stay, For the Home, Blesser House, Laine and Layne, Bandd/design, Clad home}

If you do want to add a few wintery items to your home, I’ve got your covered. Here are a few of my picks for a Winter Refresh …

Links: Winter White Creature Candle Holder, Dahlia Arrangement, Mercury Jar Volcano Candle, Antique Brass Candle Stick, Wavy Gold Bowl, Velvet Pouf, Gold Framed Wall Art, Wreath, Boucle Pillow, Clove Table Lamp, Velvet Pillow, Ceramic Vase, Faux Fur Throw, Wall Art}

I know that styling our homes in the winter (and just winter in general) can be more challenging than any other season, but I think with a few tweaks, our homes can become that cozy, warm haven that we find ourselves craving. Now, go light a candle, curl up with your favorite furry throw and let yourself hibernate for a little while.

Until next time, friends!

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