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2024 Home Trends to Watch

A much-needed (imo) shift has been happening over the past few years in the design world. Styles have been changing quietly and rapidly. It has almost felt like it’s been happening behind the scenes, but THIS year …This year, I expect things to snap into place, and the dust to settle. This year I feel an excited anticipation in the air. What felt almost mysterious, will come out of the shadows, as everyone begins embracing a more personal sense of style. I am so ready

I have long felt that homes should be a reflection of the style of the people who live there, and that no two homes should look exactly alike. Each one should tell its own personal story. It’s time for unique expression and a healthy dose of whimsy to be embraced and celebrated. Can we get a round of applause?!

With all of that said, here are my personal top picks for ‘design trends’ to watch in 2024 …

1. New Traditional – Traditional style, yes, but with a fresh take that doesn’t feel at all like the ‘traditional’ we grew up with … yet it still has a timeless feeling, a certain classic-ness about it and it incorporates plenty of those heirloom pieces.

Images/Design Credit: @lauren_nelson_design, @heidicaillierdesign, @atelierroan, @studiomcgee

2. Ralph Lauren/Country Club Chic – think 90s Ralph Lauren. Plaid. Deep tones. Color on color. Rich green and burgundy. Darker wood tones. Masculine touches. Maximalism. It ties right in with Traditional design, but is even MORE (and better imo)!

Images/Design Credit: Burke Decor, Lauren Nelson, @littlelattihouse, @ericabryantdesign

3. Way more color – Greens, reds, and yellows take the lead this year … but also watch for muted blues like periwinkle and french blue. REDs are going to be everywhere. In fashion that’s going to look like a brighter red (cherry red, candy apple red, strawberry), but in interiors watch for deep burgundy, red wine and rusty/muddy red shades to be used in a lot of unexpected ways. This is NOT the red dining room from the early aughts.

Images/Design Credit: @whittneyparkinson, @alicegraceinteriors, @carolinelevendesign, @studiomcgee

4. Pattern on pattern on pattern – This look speaks for itself. You’ll see lots of pattern layered with pattern and using matching patterns in a variety of ways. I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic about this one. It reminds me of the Laura Ashley era of my childhood. IYKYK.

Images/Design Credit: @markdsikes_interiors, @rosannabossomltd, @heidicaillierdesign, @heidicaillierdesign (obviously the queen of pattern on pattern),

5. Bold (even bolder) Wallpaper – Watch for bolder wallpaper and more wallpaper murals to be popping up. We’ve been seeing this for a little while now and (for now) it doesn’t appear to be losing any steam.

Images/Design Credit: @heidicallierdesign, @lauren_nelson_design, @amberinteriors, @heidicallierdesign

6. Silver – Get ready to polish your grandmother’s silver and put it on display because silver is having a moment! Watch for silver (polished nickel, chrome, etc) hardware to be making a big comeback too.

Images/Design Credit: @maisonfeteetcie, @carolinagracehome, @quinnpofahl, @suaufox

7. Warmer/darker wood tones – All of that light, white oak of the past decade is warming way up. Richer tones are feeling like a welcome change. We’re going to see this in all the ways – flooring, furniture and cabinets. Plus, more and more wood kitchens are on the horizon.

Images/Design Credit: @lightanddwell, @parkandoakdesign,, @carolinelevensondesign

8. Elaborate molding – More is more when it comes to molding right now. Think – the heavily ornate plaster molding that you see in classical architectural design and that’s what we’re going for here. This type of molding immediately adds interest and an old-world feel.

Images/Design Credit: @colinking, @visualcomfort and @laurenkaysims, @devolkitchens, @haris.kenjar

So many fresh takes on old/er ideas! I am here for it and can’t wait to watch these trends evolve throughout 2024. Which are you most excited for?! It may be hard to pick just one – not sure I can do it either! I just know I’m loving the color, the patterns and the overall more lived-in vibes. It feels happy. And, who doesn’t want more happy?

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