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Valentine’s Day Vibes + Romanticizing Holidays

February is coming in hot. February = Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day = a time to celebrate the people we love. And, to me love and home go hand in hand.

Last year I started adding a few tiny Valentine touches around our home (this heart-shaped glass bowl was a favorite (and very inexpensive) addition). Our daughter had pointed out that we were lacking in the heart-shaped decor area. She was right. Valentine’s Day was not a holiday I had previously decorated for. We celebrated the day, in sweet little ways, but I didn’t own any Valentine’s Day decor. Since it’s always been my desire for ‘home’ to mean something deeper to my family, I took her request to heart (pun intended). When she and her brother look back on their childhood, their memories will likely be abstract. But, they’ll remember feelings. I want them to remember how they felt in our home. I want them to remember how they felt on holidays. Even the little ones.

With A’s request for more Valentine-themed decor in mind, I created a shopping guide for us (below) and I may continue to add one or two more little touches around our house this year. But, more importantly, I’ve been considering … What might it look like to elevate your home + family life? The phrase ‘romanticize your life‘ has been thrown around a lot on social media lately and I have to admit, it’s caught my attention. There’s something … well … ROMANTIC … about this notion. It’s really all about slowing down, taking the time to value your life at home, indulging in routines and rituals that make you feel something more, prioritizing comfort and enjoying hobbies once again. I mean, that sounds fairly wonderful, doesn’t it? In leu of all of this (which I definitely think we should dive deeper into verrry soon), I think we should consider how we ‘romanticize holidays‘ as well. Starting with the most romantic of the holidays …

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We want it to feel special. We want it to be memorable. We want it to evoke emotion. By establishing a few, simple traditions, we CAN create the holiday we want.

The best news is that this does NOT require jumping head first into the commercialism surrounding the day. The sweetest family traditions are often free or at least fairly inexpensive. They simply require quality time together.

Our family likes to start each Valentine’s Day morning with a fresh box of Krispy Kreme donuts – pink, red and delicious … even if it means that this gluten-free momma doesn’t get one 😂. We exchange cards (bonus points for homemade cards) and the kids get a few small gifts (like chocolates, a small stuffed animal, a heart-shaped bracelet, a pair of silly socks … things like that.) After school, we bake a heart-shaped cookie cake that N & A decorate. Some years we have “snack-board-dinner” or heart-shaped pizza. Sometimes we’ll have a fondue night instead. Dinner might be followed by a family movie or game. It’s always pretty simple and we rarely go out. This year, since we are “romanticizing our holidays”, I plan to set the table (no matter what the dinner ends up being) with a little extra love and attention.

Of course, dressing the part never hurt anyone 😉 so I’ve rounded up a few things to help us LOOK Valentinesy too!

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If you are struggling to come up with a Family Valentine’s Day plan of your own – here are a few extra ideas …

The most important thing to remember is KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly), which basically means, don’t overthink it.

It’s always fun to hear what other families do to make their holidays special. I’d love to hear yours! Leave a comment below and let us know.

Enjoy your last few days of January!

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