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For my littlest loves – Happy Valentine’s Day from your Momma —

The sun settles over me with a blinding brilliancy

As I watch you, my babies

You are the most beautiful beings

My heart radiates with a magical love

Certainly there is no greater

It is yours and always yours

To carry with you on your travels

I will always be your home

Your refuge

A safe place to hide

A shelter from life’s storms

I will always be your strength

On days when you need to fall

I will be your ear

On days when you feel lost

I will laugh with you forever

For your giggles light my way

I will hold you

Long after you are too big for my lap

And, my heart will carry you

Long after the sands of time have faded away

You will never be alone,

My loves.

Your momma’s love will fly with the angels and surround you…

On and on and on…

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