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The Spice [Drawer] of Life

Y’all might just think I’ve gone and lost my damn mind, but this little spice drawer makeover makes me deliriously happy! A made-my-day kind of happy. And, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of it too. All of it. Fun times. 

This project has been on my mind for well over a year. I finally decided to just do it already! Now, for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you why I waited so long…

First up, I ordered these jars from Amazon. They had quite a few options, but I wanted a simple, round, glass jar. If you want the actual spice jar inserts, you may want to select another jar.

Then, I went through my spices, made a list and tossed the ones that we weren’t ever using.

Next up, I dusted off an old faithful friend – my label maker! I went through my list and made a label for each and every one. This could feel tedious, but I honestly thought it was relaxing. I’d be happy to make more. Any takers? 😉

Once the jars arrived, I washed them and added a label to each one. 

Then, I transferred the spices from their original containers into my newly labeled jars. Use a funnel if you need, but I found it easier without it. 

I added spice drawer strips to the interior of our spice drawer so that each jar would sit comfortably, without rolling around.

And, finally, I placed them back in the drawer in alphabetical order – to allow ease when hunting for a certain spice.

Tease me if you want, but this has been one of my favorite organization projects to date and it makes me happy every time I open this drawer!!

One thought — if you are concerned about the expiration dates on your spices, you can add a small sticker with this date on the bottom of each jar. Full disclosure – I skipped this step. 

Alrighty! If you makeover your spice drawer (or cabinet), don’t forget to tag me in your photo on Instagram! I love seeing your photos!

The Side-by-Side Before/After shot – for fun 🙂

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