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Round Up – Tween Boy Pajamas

Y’all. My son is 11. He’s a little, big boy. Or a big, little boy. Or a “tween” or a “pre-teen”. Or whatever. I mean. It’s an odd age in many ways. But, pajamas shouldn’t be odd. Or hard. Right? Pajamas should be easy. For the love! They are pajamas! But, they aren’t easy right now, because 11 is an in-between age. And, apparently they don’t make a lot of pajamas for the in-between.

My boy still likes pajamas. He’s not quite ready to sleep in gym shorts and t-shirts. Almost, probably. But, not quite. He also doesn’t want tight fitting pajamas with cars or dinosaurs or baseballs (or stars like the ones he’s wearing above) on them anymore either. It’s a tricky thing that I wasn’t expecting to be tricky.

Just in case you are finding yourself in the same predicament as I … I’ve rounded up a few tween boy pajama sets to get us by …

Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I just ordered a few of these for Noah to try. Fingers crossed and happy jammy day 😉

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