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Trending – Linen Blazers

Did y’all know that linen is widely considered to be the oldest fabric? Isn’t that wild? You can trace it all the way back to Ancient Egypt … where, even wilder, it was made in much the same manner as it is today. I think it’s crazy that a fabric has such a rich history, but here we are – modern day – chatting about linen.

Linen remains popular because it’s such a durable, strong fabric. It’s heat-conductive and breathable, which is why it’s a great choice in warm temps. It’s anti-bacterial (yep, it’s true) and sustainable. It has a distinct look, all it’s own. And, it’s still considered a luxury item … mostly because the production of linen is quite time-consuming and labor intensive. It gets better with age and has been known to be passed down through generations.

Today, there are a lot of linen blends available – making it attainable for all budgets. Good news all around.

But, okay, I digress. 😂 Enough about the history of linen. 😉 Let’s talk about blazers. I love a good blazer. Don’t you?! They just feel good … and fit good. And, I feel good in them. That counts for something. Which means – a linen blazer is the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

Here’s a round up of 6 linen/linen blend blazers for you to check out!

Links: top left, top right, middle left, middle right, bottom left, bottom right

So, how are we wearing these blazers? Weelllll … how about some inspiration straight from the pages of Pinterest?! Some Pinspiration just for you 🙂

{All images are directly from Pinterest and some may be credited to: Girl Meets Gold, Craft and Couture, Fashion Jackson, Who What Wear, Cocobeautea and Banana Republic}

Linen is pretty timeless. I’m happy to see it in blazer form this season. A linen blazer just feels like a classic wardrobe staple.

Happy Blazer Shopping!

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