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In the morning when I rise

I still search the sky 

A whisper in the wind

The quietest song I sing

Everyday I find you

And in the morning when I rise

A speck still in my eye

Everyday I meet you 

Everyday I pray

But, once again I’m lost again

And it never really fails 

The clouds roll in 

The rain comes down

A fog settles around me

Once again I’m lost again

It’s never really over 

In the sunrise of the day

The pink fades away

Once again I’m found again

It’s never really over 

Everyday I find you 

Seek and you shall find 

I want to know

I want to grow 

I want to feel it all

The great world spins

Everyday I find you 

Pull up a chair

Sit a while 

Who do I remind you 

My axis tilts and I can’t see 

It’s still a little fuzzy 

Shine the light of truth on it

Everyday I try 

Seek and you shall find

You’ve been there all along

Just waiting for me to see

And I reached out at last 

Let go of my past

Everyday I meet you there

Everyday I see me there 

In the morning when I rise 

You lift me toward the sky 

You show me myself

I never really saw it

You show me the way

It’s all I ever wanted 

And tomorrow when I rise

Still I meet you there…

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