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A Short & Sweet Recap of what 5 Weeks In looks like for me…

My planner says that this is Day 32. 32 days at home! And, since this is week 5 of “Our Quarantined Life”, I thought I’d do a quick recap … because if you’ve been feeling anything like me, each day might look the same, but the emotions are different and it feels like we’ve been riding some sort-of strange rollercoaster. Current mood: I’m ready to get off this ride now. Please and thank you.

Week 1: feelings of disbelief (is this real life?) mixed with doses of anxiety and some panic; lots of restless energy; stay busy focusing on creating a new routine and a “school-at-home” schedule for my kids and I to follow.

Week 2: busy making lots of lists; lists of things to do, things to watch, things to make, things to cook, etc; posts blog article with inspiration lists of all the things to do to keep your family feeling positive and together! 

Week 3: the wheels fall off; everyone cries

Week 4: we’ve got this; this is good; it’s a new normal; feeling grateful; we could live like this for awhile if we have to…

Week 5: trying to stay positive; trying to stay in the light; feel a strong pull toward the dark side; gives all my lists from week 2 the middle finger; wants to go back to bed

Here’s to hoping week 6 feels lighter and brighter! Hang in there, y’all!

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